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Flexible Cleaning Contracts

Reliability and punctuality, trust and partnership. We are putting our clients success at the top of our list of priorities. Outsource the cleaning of your premises to MCS and free up time and resources to get more out of what you do. Hassle free!

Providing Services 7 days a week, 365 days a year

When you need us most we will turn up. Because we always turn up on time. rest assured that your museum is covered by professional cleaners who know what they are doing. Most importantly – they love what they are doing. A time for a clean is a time for celebration!

Museum Cleaning Services

In just a few short days we can visit your premises, provide a written no obligation quote, assign a cleaning operative to your contract and get the first clean. Hassle free operation guaranteed!

Hard Floor Cleaning, Stripping, Sealing and Polishing

In a museum or an art gallery the first thing that grabs the eye is a nicely polished shiny floor. A good first impression sets the tone for the remainder of the customer’s visit. A grimy dull looking floor surface will put off many people. And make no doubt about it, they may express their opinion in a few online reviews with not much stars.

Is it worth the risk of letting people down at the small cost of hard floor buff?

“A clean room belongs to a clean mind. And clean minds belong to visionaries”

London’s Islington is the best place to start a business, open a museum or get in the business of cleaning office premises, commercial exhibitions, galleries and museums.

So this is exactly what we did 2 years ago. Now we are proud to announce that our business is growing with a steady pace. We offer great quality commercial cleaning wrapped in layers of reliability, flexibility and hard work.

Our company is small enough to pick up our phones without wasting your time through call attendants and great enough to offer you the urgent solution that you need now! We don’t like wasting our time so we won’t waste yours.

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